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Ed Stygles just got a new puppy!

Ed’s service to Jericho started in 1976 as the dog warden. The title of “Dog Warden” & “Poundkeeper” has changed over time and since 2002 he has been called the “Animal Control Officer” or ACO for short. He has also served as 2nd Constable, Constable, Weigher of Coal, Inspector of Lumber and Shingles and the Fence Viewer.

When asked how he came across caring for Jericho Dogs he said he was at a Selectboard meeting and Buster Blodgett got up and left the room. Everyone thought he was just going to use the bathroom, but he left the building. When Buster did not return, Selectboard member Bob Curran turned to Ed and asked, “Will you do it?” “Sure,” answered Ed. Little did he know he was signing up for greater than 40 years of service.

Ed currently has a border collie cross named “Tasha”. Ed asks her if she wants to smile and she will lift her lip to show her teeth. She loves helping him on the farm. On April 27 he got a new puppy named “Jill.” Jill is also a border collie cross.

If you wish to send Ed a note of thanks for all that he has done and continues to do for Jericho Dogs.

Please mail to Ed Stygles, PO Box 145, Jericho Vermont 05465. He is not on Front Porch Forum or the internet, so he will just think it is a random coincidence that everyone has thought to thank him at once.

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