FAQ for Renumbering Old Pump Road

    What do I need to change?

    You will need to change your personal items such as mortgage, electric bill, etc. Most items will have a place to do it right on the notice.

    Do I need to fill out a Change of Address at the Post Office?

    No. The post office has a list of all the changes and will do this automatically.

    Do I need to mark my property with a house number?

    Yes.The homeowner is responsible for marking the propoerty with a new number.  If you have a long driveway, make sure that it is also marked at the top of the driveway.

    Do I need to re-register to vote?

    No. The Town Clerk has the list and will update the Voter Checklist with the new numbers.

    Do I need to contact Village Water Department?

    No. A list has been provided to the Water Department to make the changes.