April 2021 Monthly Mobbs Newsletter

With recent April Showers, MUD SEASON at MOBBS FARM is officially underway! Despite drought conditions that developed during one of the driest months of March ever recorded in Vermont, the snow and rain Mobbs received this month have resulted in muddy conditions on many of the trails. Please dress for Vermont’s unofficial “5th season”, when hitting the trails.

In addition to MUD, tick season is in full swing. Please be sure to check for ticks after visiting Mobbs Farm. These insidious pests are especially problematic this time of year, as they attempt to gorge themselves after the long winter. Tucking pant-legs into socks and wearing light colored clothing is a good plan for keeping the ticks at bay, or at least being able to spot them, should you pick one up while in the meadow or woods. For the latest info from the Vermont Dept. of Health, please visit: https://www.healthvermont.gov/diseasecontrol/tickborne-diseases/information-ticks-vermont

April is also when dozens of Vernal Pools may be found on the 200+ acres of Mobbs Farm. Visitors may find pools of water, sometimes with trees located right in the middle of these small pools. The pools are seasonal and are a key component of the forest ecosystem. Thousands of frog and salamander eggs develop in these pools over the course of the spring months. There are markedly fewer pools to be found this spring, due to the low rain and snowfall we experienced this winter. Should you be traveling at night on Fitzsimonds Road, please be sure to slow down and keep an eye out for migrating amphibians crossing from one side of the road to get to vernal pools on the other. For more info about this seasonal phenomenon, visit: https://vtecostudies.org/projects/forests/vernal-pool-conservation/vermontvernal-pool-mapping-project/

There have been quite a few questions from visitors about flagged trees that recently appeared throughout the forest at Mobbs. The flagged trees are marking plots being studied by Forestry Students at the University of Vermont. Every Wednesday afternoon, Foresters are taking measurements in these marked plots to evaluate the current health of the forested areas of Mobbs Farm. The data being collected is shared with Chittenden County Forester, Ethan Tapper, to be analyzed and recorded.

Construction of the Jericho Solar Farm, being developed on the old landfill site, continues this month with actual panels being attached to the concrete bases that rest on the dump cap. 6,000 panels will be installed when construction is complete.

REMINDER: The Mobbs Farm Committee hosts their monthly meeting, every 4th Monday of the month, throughout the year. Please join our next ZOOM Meeting, Monday, April 26th at 7:00 PM!

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