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Zoning Amendments Public Hearing

The Planning Commission has been working on a round of small Land Use and Development Regulations (A.K.A. “Zoning”) amendments for the last several months during their regular meetings.

They are holding a public hearing on these changes on Tuesday March 12 at 7:00 pm in the Town Hall.

The amendments include:

  • Accessory Apartments – these long debated changes address clarifying the permitted size of accessory apartments as well as measures to ensure that accessory apartments do not become second primary residences on a property. For those who recall this proposal back in 2016: gone is the requirement for shared wastewater systems.
  • Cemeteries – a revised definition to clarify how home burials are considered separately from cemetery burials. Also, an amendment was made to allow cemeteries in the Rural Agricultural Residential District.
  • Planned Unit Developments (PUD) – Two changes were made here. One is to update the density bonus section with the current high energy standard. The second is to tie together the Site Plan, Conditional Use and Subdivision review sections to the PUD section so it is clear when a PUD may possibly be required.
  • Character Based Zoning – A set of technical amendments are proposed help produce building that more accurately reflect the existing character of the neighborhood.

For more details on these changes, click the hyperlinks below:

The Public Hearing is the time for the public to offer their thoughts about the proposed amendments. Additionally, comments may be left here on this site and those comments will become a part of the public record and provided to the Planning Commission at their meeting on March 12.

The Planning Commission will, after considering public comment, decide to vote/not vote and approve/ not approve the amendments. If they approve them, they will send them on to the Selectboard who will hold one or more public hearings on the amendments. Further comment on the amendments can be directed to the Selectboard at that time or anytime on this webpage.

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