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PC Meeting Summary - January 15

The Planning Commission met Tuesday January 15.

They discussed the following items:

  • Susan Bresee is working with the Conservation Commission on developing a new local tax stabilization program. She noted that they will discuss this in an upcoming CC meeting. Wendy Verrei Berenback continues to work with the Jericho Energy Task Force on the Energy chapter in the Town Plan. Sarah McLeod and Chris Brown met with the Trails Committee and learned about the TC's desire to educate people on easements and sidewalks.
  • The PC will discussed some updates on the Commercial District Project. The PC received the draft Master Plan that will first be discussed by the Commercial District property owners next Monday and then by the PC on Tuesday January 22. This will be the first time that the PC has had an opportunity to discuss the plan, as to this point it has been the draft vision of the Commercial District property owners.
  • The PC continued to discuss their communication plan for public engagement for the Commercial District Project. Currently there isn't much to communicate as the public involvement process will begin in February.
  • They will also discuss a couple more potential zoning amendments. Specifically to Planned Unit Developments and to the Character Based Zoning District. More information on those proposed changes will be posted early next week on this site.

The meeting was recorded by MMCTV and is posted on this page, to the right. Please feel free to to comment on anything about this meeting on this website, specifically here on this page, below.

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