2023 Jericho Checklist Challenge

The Jericho Board of Civil Authority will be meeting this August to confirm that all registered voters in Jericho are still qualified to vote in Jericho. If you have recently moved within Vermont you can update your voter registration through the Secretary of State's "my voter page" If you have moved to Jericho, Vermont from another State, you can register to vote (click blue text) in Vermont through the Secretary of State's website or in person at the Jericho Town Hall. Voter registration also occurs when you apply for a Vermont Drivers license unless you opt out. The Town Clerk is currently preparing a list of voters for the Board of Civil Authority to review in August, 2023. Sometimes it is difficult to know if adults that are attending school are still using their parents, address as their voting address or if they have registered to vote in another state. The Town Clerk may contact you to ask about family members to help confirm if a challenge letter should be sent to the voter. There are also some voters on the Jericho Voter Checklist that do not have birthdate or Vermont Driver's License # information with their voter registration. These are generally voters who registered in Jericho prior to 1998 (before the Town had a computer). The birthdate and Vermont Driver's license information is kept confidential through the Vermont Election Management System but used as a unique identifier to prevent duplicate registration in more than one Vermont town.

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