June 6, 2019 6PM Special Meeting of the Mount Mansfield Modified Union School District

CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

The five Town Clerks in the towns that comprise the Mount Mansfield Modified Union School District met with the Superintendent of Schools and the MMMUSD Board Chair and Board Clerk on June 4th to discuss the details of how the vote on Thursday, June 6, will be conducted. Further details of the conduct of the meeting were worked out in a telephone call between Heidi Racht, Huntington Town Clerk and MMMUSD Moderator Dave Clark.


1. The meeting and vote will be held in the MMU gymnasium, at the high school in Jericho

2. Voters will enter either through the main front doors or main back doors. Parking is available in either location. Greeters (School administration) will be on hand to direct attendees to the gym and to the childcare room and to remind voters to sign up if they would like to speak.

3. This is an election, so no impediment of voters entering the polls will be allowed; the campaign setback areas near the doors will be observed as is done for Jericho elections held at MMU. The areas will be delineated.


4. The meeting will begin at 6 pm.

a. MMMUSD Moderator will give an overview of the process.

b. MMMUSD Board Chair will give a two-minute statement from the Board.

c. The rest of the meeting will be public comments germane to the issue, as warned – posted and advertised.

5. The public comments period will be conducted by the Moderator, who will take the number of people who have signed up to comment and divide it by the time available, which will be 75 minutes or 80 minutes.

a. Public comment is only for registered voters in the School District’s five towns.

b. If time permits and those who have signed-up earlier in the meeting have finished, more comments will be allowed or the meeting will move to a vote.

6. The meeting is a voice vote meeting. However, a motion from the floor supported by seven voters will move the vote to a paper ballot.


A paper ballot vote, called for in place of a voice or hand vote, is not an Australian ballot vote.

The Presiding Officer is the MMUSD Clerk Pat Straughan.

7. Assuming a paper ballot, the discussion will close and voters will line up at the table where their Town Clerk and election officials (Justices of the Peace) are seated to get their name checked off the list and receive a ballot. In Jericho, the alphabet will be divided A-D, E-L, M-R & S-Z, so that four lines can form in front of the table.

a. The voters will mark their ballot and then put it, unfolded, into one of the ballot boxes located on a table across the gym. The ballots are not sorted by town and the ballot result is for the entire district and not a town-by-town result.

b. Voters will be welcome to stay in the gym, away from the polling area, or leave the meeting.


The announced time for the vote is 7:30 pm. Assuming a paper ballot, the election will be conducted in the same manner as an election at the polls. Therefore, any registered voter who is in the building at 7:30 pm, will be eligible to vote. Entrance to the building will be closed at 7:30 pm. If you are not there at 7:30 pm, you will not be able to vote.


1 No politicking is allowed in the meeting or near the polls. This includes buttons, stickers, hats, t-shirts or other visible signage expressing an opinion.

2 Voters are welcome to bring papers into the meeting.

3 Childcare will be provided in the Community Room by MMU students in the National Honor Society and the LEO Club. These students have worked at other events and community forums around the Underhill ID School.

4 A sheriff will be on hand to help with parking and traffic flow; this official will be assisted by MMU administrators/staff.

5 Same Day Voter Registration is in effect.

6 The ballots will be stored in the Richmond Town vault for the statutory time required and then will be destroyed, per statute. After the count has been completed, two BCA members will accompany the Richmond Town Clerk to the vault: one each from Huntington and Richmond.

Finally, if you have any questions regarding the elections, please contact your Town Clerk:

Amy Grover, Bolton (434-3064, ext 222); Heidi Racht, Huntington (434-2032); Jessica Alexander, Jericho (899-4936 , ext 1); Linda Parent, Richmond (434-2221); Sherri Morin, Underhill (899-4434).

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