MMUUSD School Budget Vote - April 2nd

MMUUSD Official Warning (click to read)

***The date of the vote has been changed from March 5, 2024 to April 2, 2024***

The best source for information about the MMUUSD ballot is located on the district's website (

I am posting some answers frequently asked questions here to help explain the logistics from a Jericho Town Clerk perspective in regards to when a vote is postponed. I was not able to post anything earlier because the decisions were still being sorted out. The School Board had to wait until the legislation was passed and signed that allows them to postpone the vote.

I have never been through an experience when a vote was postponed so I am learning with all of you.

For information about the MMUUSD budget, I highly recommend attending one of the 2 informational meetings.

Jericho is not changing its polling place, the polling place for all Jericho elections is Mount Mansfield Union High School, 211 Browns Trace

Polling hours 7am to 7pm

Early/ Absentee Ballots for the March 5th school vote started being issued the week of February 12th. At that time, I was receiving information that the school board would have an opportunity to change budget amount and the March 5th budget vote would be cancelled but it was not clear if the other articles on the March 5th ballot would be counted. It is now decided by the School Board to issue a completely new ballot with all the articles to be voted on April 2nd. Ballots issued for the March 5th election that have been collected, will not be counted, but they will be stored until we find out what to do with them.

Anyone who requested an early/absentee ballot in February will automatically be mailed a new April 2nd ballot. For those ballots that were mailed out of town, I have tried to contact the voter to find out if I should use the same mailing address when they made the request or their Jericho mailing address. We anticipate receiving the new April 2nd ballot the week of March 11th.

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