Town Meeting/March 2, 2021 Election Info

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Click below for the full 2021 Town Meeting Election Results:

Town Election Results

Click below for the 2021 Mount Mansfield Modified Union School District Budget Vote results 2021 Town Meeting Election Results:

School Election Results

Click on the links below to view MMCTV videos on these items:

For a sample ballot click here

For a absentee ballot request form click here

To view the town budget on the Town Meeting Info page click here There are also links to the Feb 9th and Feb 25 budget discussion virtual meetings on this page.

Testing of the vote tabulators will be Friday February 12th at 1pm at Jericho Town Hall. If you wish to view the Town Meeting ballot test deck results please contact the Jericho Town Clerk to attend.

Early Ballot Processing, the BCA will begin processing ballots through the vote tabulator Thursday Feb 25 9am at the Jericho Town Hall. If you wish to observe, please contact the Jericho Town Clerk to attend. The early ballot processing schedule is as follows.

Thursday Feb 25 9am to 11am : Mike Sweeney, Mary Coburn, Ned Dubois and Carol Smith

Monday March 1st 9am to 11 am: Bill Drislane, Carol Gross, Mary Jane Dickerson and Tom Joslin

Please read more in the text below the ways to obtain an early/absentee ballot for March 2nd and the ways to return a voted ballot.

There are many ways to request an early absentee/ballot for the March 2nd election. The ballots should be available February 10th, but you can request one now and we will mail it to you as soon as they are available.

1. Complete this form and drop it off in the outside drop box in front of Town Hall, scan and email it to or mail it to Town of Jericho, PO Box 67, Jericho VT 05465 This form can also be used if you are requesting for a family member by filling in the voter's information in the top of the from and your information in the bottom part of the form.

2. Call 802-899-4936 x 100 and follow the prompts to leave the information needed to request a ballot for yourself or a family member.

3, enter your request through my voter page, be sure to confirm the mailing address where you want the ballot mailed to

4. February 22 through February 26, and Monday March 1 from 9am to 5pm you can stop by Town Hall to request your own ballot in person. The request form will still need to be completed. Forms are available on the front door of Town Hall or you can print this form and bring it with you. The front door of Town Hall is locked, but knock on the door and Ben or I will meet you at the door, take your completed request form and then hand you your own ballot. (We can only hand you your own ballot. We will have to mail ballots to people other than the person standing in front of us.) You do not need an appointment to pick up a ballot the week of February 22nd or on Monday March 1st.

You can also vote at the polls on election day at Mount Mansfield Union High School, 211 Browns Trace. Tuesday March 2nd, 2021 the polls will be open from 7am to 7pm. You can bring the completed ballot with you that was previously requested, check-in at the registration table and walk it to the vote tabulator at the exit. Or if you have not requested an early ballot, you can request a ballot at the check-in table, mark it in a voting booth and walk it to the vote tabulator at the exit.

As part of this provision for 2021, a person shall not be required to collect voter signatures in order to have the person's name placed on the ballot as a candidate for a local election that is held at a 2021 municipal meeting. All that is required is that the candidate file a consent of candidate form with the Jericho Town Clerk. This needs to be the paper form either mailed or dropped off in the drop box in front of the Jericho Town Hall. The form needs to arrive by 5pm on Monday January 25th (the sixth Monday before the election)

If you wish to check to see if you are registered to vote in Jericho, you can check the my voter page on the Secretary of State's Website. If you are not able to confirm it and you have been registered in Jericho since before 2005, it may be that your VTDL and date of birth is not in the system. Contact the Jericho Town Clerk if you have questions or concerns.

Options to return a voted ballot:

1. Mail : if you are returning a ballot by mail to "Town of Jericho, PO Box 67, Jericho VT 05465". You should mail by February 22nd to allow enough time for us to receive it. Be sure your voted ballots are inside the certificate envelope and you have signed the certificate envelope before mailing.

2. Town Hall drop box: Once the voted ballots are inside the certificate envelope, and the certificate is signed by the voter, anyone can return the ballot to the drop box. The drop box is available 24/7 outside Town Hall to the left of the front entrance steps. This drop box can also be used on Tuesday March 2nd until 7pm.

3. Attended outside drop box at polling place on election day: There will be an attended drop box under a tent in the bus lane of Mount Mansfield Union High School from 7am to 7pm. Voted ballots need to be inside the certificate envelope and the certificate envelope needs to be signed by the voter. It is OK to return a ballot for someone else as long as the voter has signed and sealed the ballots inside the certificate envelope.

4. Voting in person on election day Tuesday March 2nd from 7am to 7pm. Curbside voting will be available for voters who do not wish to enter the school. To enter the school you will first be greeted with a COVID screening, then proceed to the voter check-in table. You can either bring the ballot that you requested ahead of time or a ballot will be issued to you at the check-in table. Once the ballot has been marked, the voter will be able to put the ballot through the vote tabulator at the exit. The voter can only place their own ballot through the vote tabulator.

If you have interest in volunteering as an election worker during 2021, please contact Jessica Alexander, Town Clerk to find out more information. Please see the survey below. Many volunteers are needed to help the election day run smoothly. It is a great way to see your neighbors and feel good about doing something for the Town. All age groups are encouraged to participate. Students age 16 and older may work as a youth election officials. The voter entrance check-in table is a busy space that requires focused attention, ability to multi-task and ability to hear over background noise.

Election Dates 2021: Polling Place -- Mount Mansfield Union High School, 211 Browns Trace
Polling Hours -- 7am to 7pm
* March 2, 2021 Annual Town Meeting

Phone contact: (802) 899-4936 x 1, on Election day: messages are checked at the Jericho Town Clerk Office and they will be checked throughout the day of the election (questions needing immediate attention should be brought to the polling place).

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