Mobbs Farm Committee

We would like to advise visitors to MOBBS Farm to consider parking at the Browns Trace Lot.

If the Fitzsimonds Road Parking Lot is full, please use MOBBS FARM parking at 510 Browns Trace



Conservation Easement Signing Ceremony, Jericho Town Hall, May 12, 2022 (L-R) Town Admin. John Abbott, Town Attorney, Paula Carrier, VLT Attorney, Bob Heiser, VLT

The Mobbs Farm Committee, under the direction of the Selectboard, oversees the management and maintenance of the Mobbs Property in Jericho. Meetings take place on the fourth Monday of each month.

We would like to advise visitors to MOBBS Farm to consider parking at the Browns Trace Lot.

If the Fitzsimonds Road Parking Lot is full, please use MOBBS FARM parking at 510 Browns Trace



Conservation Easement Signing Ceremony, Jericho Town Hall, May 12, 2022 (L-R) Town Admin. John Abbott, Town Attorney, Paula Carrier, VLT Attorney, Bob Heiser, VLT

The Mobbs Farm Committee, under the direction of the Selectboard, oversees the management and maintenance of the Mobbs Property in Jericho. Meetings take place on the fourth Monday of each month.

  • Mobbs Farm Work Day - May 11th

    When: May 11, 2024, 9 AM to 12 PM
    Where: Mobbs Farm - Valley, Fitzsimonds Road, Jericho, VT

    Do you love Mobbs Farm?

    If so, please join us Saturday, MAY 11th at the Fitzsimonds Road Parking Lot from 9:00-Noon.

    Members of the Mobbs Farm Committee will be leading crews to clean up the trail network and attend to winter damage on the property.

  • Mobbs Updates - November 2023

    - Mobbs Farm annual brush hogging has taken place in the MEADOW section.

    - New sign markers and maps have been installed.

    - During the VT Rifle / Deer Season, MOBBS FARM is CLOSED to all mountain bike and equestrian use. PLEASE BE AWARE of Hunting activity and WEAR BLAZE ORANGE on you and your pets when visiting between Nov. 11-26th.

  • Mobbs Updates - October 2023


    - 15 New, way finding signs have been installed at key intersections on both HILL and MEADOW sides of Mobbs Farm. The signs are laminated and mounted with enlarged versions of the area immediately surrounding each of the way points.

    - The Mobbs Farm Fall Trail Clean Up day on Sunday October 1st resulted in some nice improvements on the Out and Back trail. Crews were split up and spent three hours hanging our new trail signs, while others worked on enhancing the walkway on the Out and Back. Many thanks to committee members and volunteers for their assistance!

    - Mobbs Farm Meadow section will be brush hogged in the month ahead, following the first few killing frosts of the season. Maturing berry patches will be left uncut.

    - The Mobbs Farm Committee sends special thanks to Wayne Howe for his years of dedicated work as member of the Jericho Selectboard. The committee thanks him for his time, patience and insights during the establishment of the Mobbs Farm Conservation Easement through the Vermont Land Trust. Thank-you Wayne! You will be missed.

  • Mobbs Updates - July 2023

    Mobbs Farm Updates:

    The trail work morning on Out and Back, July 9th, was very productive with new stone laid in place and the Old Stone Wall cleared of fallen trees.

    Another targeted trail day is scheduled for Thursday evening, August 17th from 5:00 - 7:00 PM. If interested in volunteering, please meet at the Fitzsimonds Parking Lot. Carpooling is always appreciated!

    The heavy rains that hit the Green Mountain State did not spare Mobbs Farm. The deluges created plenty of standing, pooled water puddles and eroded some steep banks. Please steer clear of the mud holes and sensitive areas. Also a good idea to plan ahead for the abundant mosquitoes that are benefitting from the pooled water. The bugs are out in force!

    Blueberries and blackberries are ripe and ready for picking on the property. Best bet for blueberries is up on the hillside, New Orchard area of the property. 4 new blueberry bushes were planted at the end of June and are all bearing fruit.

    An equestrian day took place, just before the heavy rains arrived. It was great to see a dozen or so horses and riders enjoying the trails at Mobbs Farm!

    As always, if you are planning on riding your mountain bike at Mobbs Farm, please consider using the BROWNS TRACE parking lot, as it affords plenty of parking and riders may easily access both sides of Fitzsimonds Road from the BT parking lot. Thanks!

  • Mobbs Newsletter - Winter 2023


    The Mobbs Farm Committee Newsletter

    December 2022/ January 2023

    Following a meteorological roller coaster to wrap up 2022, winter has finally settled in at Mobbs Farm. Although we experienced a few false starts to the winter season, with snow and Polar Vortexes arriving in late January, Jericho is finally officially winterized for 2023. It seemed bizarre to witness bare ground, after almost 24” of snow had fallen in December, but such was the case as exceedingly warm temperatures and abundant rain completely obliterated our early season snow pack by the start of the New Year. The SnowDog snow grooming machine was champing at the bit to get out onto the trails, but it had to wait until the final weeks of January, before there was sufficient snow to even attempt grooming the trail network. Thankfully, low temps and a decent amount of snow arrived to transform Mobbs Farm into a wintery wonderland. Over 4.5 miles of trails have been groomed by committee member Christine Smith and her husband Dan. The intrepid couple completed a 90% network groom the other Friday evening, allowing the tracks to set up wonderfully, in time for a busy, sun-drenched, wintery weekend of skiing and snowshoeing for visitors to Mobbs. Special thanks to the Smiths for their hard work, grooming the abundant trails on both the Hillside (east of Fitzsimonds Road) and Meadow (west of Fitzsimonds Road) sections of the property. Chatting with visitors to Mobbs, many expressed their thanks for the enhanced conditions, thanks to the grooming effort.

    Half of the Mobbs Farm Committee attended the recent Town of Jericho, Committee Appreciation Pot Luck at the Jericho Community Center. Those in attendance for the dinner reported that it was a really fun opportunity to meet informally with Jericho residents serving on a variety of other committees in Jericho. “Three goals” were expressed by each of the committees in attendance and Sam Graulty, vice chair of the Mobbs Farm Committee, delivered the MFC’s top three goals for the upcoming year: Repair / replace bridges & boardwalks as needed, Infrastructural upgrades for trails & drainage, ramp up special events for visitors.

    Given the importance of bridges and boardwalks that connect the trail network, members of the Mobbs Farm Committee are working to secure funding and grants to replace and repair many of the walkways that are in need of some major TLC. It will be a busy spring and summer as these projects are undertaken by contractors hired by the MFC.

    Interested in tracking critters at Mobbs Farm? Livy Strong of the Jericho Underhill Land Trust is organizing a nature walk around Mobbs Farm with noted wildlife tracking specialist, Sophie Mazowita on March 4th at 10:00 AM. Sophie is a naturalist, educator, and wildlife guide based in Jeffersonville, Vermont. She offers online and in-person tracking workshops through her website, Tracking Connection, and also guides week-long wildlife trips to Yellowstone and to Canada's polar bear country with Natural Habitat Adventures/WWF. At home in Vermont, her work focuses on identifying wildlife corridors and monitoring forest connectivity at a town and regional scale, and she manages the community science program for the nonprofit Cold Hollow to Canada. She also manages Tracker Certification, the nonprofit that offers CyberTracker wildlife tracking certifications across North America and hosts the biannual online North American Wildlife Tracker Conference. She holds an MS in Plant Biology from the UVM Field Naturalist Program, and her graduate work was focused on a natural resource study and management plan for Red Rocks Park in South Burlington. She has taught and coordinated chapters of the Vermont Master Naturalist Program for both South Burlington and Cambridge. The March 4th event will feature a walk around the property, to find and identify wildlife that live or travel across Mobbs Farm. Please contact Livy Strong ( if interested in signing up as space is limited and pre-registration is required.

    For kids of all ages, sledding is available at Mobbs Farm and easily accessible from the Brown’s Trace Parking lot! Following a quick walk up the hill from the lot, sledders will find a number of well-marked (see Field Daze photo) sledding trails that provide schussers a great opportunity to whiz down the trails into the large meadow below. Enjoy!

  • Mobbs Newsletter - Fall 2022

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    The Mobbs Farm Committee Newsletter

    September / October/ November 2022

    WOW! To put it mildly, the past two months featured some of the most fabulous foliage ever witnessed at Mobbs Farm! Fears of a “…meh” foliage season were put to rest when the Green Mountain State became ablaze with some of the most colorful displays ever seen. Based on this past summer’s hot temperatures and spotty rainstorms, the consensus going into September and October was that the foliage season would be unimpressive and short-lived. Neither scenario unfolded and locals were treated to an incredible, long-lasting display of beautiful orange, red, yellow, purple, brown and green. The festive fall foliage at Mobbs Farm provided the perfect backdrop for a special “Thank-you!” event, recognizing four entities that made financial contributions that paid for the establishment of the Vermont Land Trust Conservation Easement of the property, on October 8th. Although pen met paper and all the legal framework for the conservation of Mobbs was established back in May, 2022, the Oct. 8th event was held to thank those groups and individuals who contributed funds to establish the easement. Invited guests included (pictured left to right in the photo below): Bob Heiser of Vermont Land Trust, Tom Baribault, who represented the Jericho Conservation Commission, Livy Strong of the Jericho-Underhill Land Trust, and Town Clerk Jessica Alexander, who represented Jericho Town Hall. Adding to the festivities on the brisk Saturday morning was a brief, but significant, snow squall that blew through, just in time for the brunch-celebration event. Following presentations, each guest was introduced and presented with a special commemorative, framed, photograph of a vibrant, fall foliage display, complete with a rainbow arcing through the dark sky in the photograph. Following the brunch-celebration, a tour of the orchard at Mobbs Farm was held, introducing guests to this unique section of the property. Many thanks to all and special thanks to the generous donors who pitched in to conserve Mobbs Farm, in perpetuity, for future generations.

    With the arrival of sub-freezing temperatures in Jericho, the entire meadow section of Mobbs Farm will be brush hogged, to keep the property open for all to enjoy. Mowing was delayed as long as possible, to allow all pollen-dependent species the opportunity to feast on the many native plants found at Mobbs Farm. Please keep an eye out for the mower as it makes its way around the meadow and as always, please keep pets under your control, especially around machinery.

    Special thanks to Mobbs Farm Committee member, Terry Hook and his wife Andrea, for their diligent work repairing bridges and boardwalks around the property over the past two months. Also, a special note of recognition to committee member Christine Smith and her husband Dan for all their work with Fellowship of the Wheel, leaf blowing trails and establishing re-routed trails around the 200+ acres of Mobbs Farm!

    With the record-breaking heatwave we experienced in November, complete with the all-time highest temperature ever recorded in the month of November (76 degrees Fahrenheit) it’s hard to imagine that in just a few weeks, we should be seeing winter conditions arrive in Vermont. As the snowpack develops, we will once again be grooming trails with the SNOWDOG groomer, laying down a smooth carpet of corduroy for skiers, walkers and fat bikers.

    REMINDER: The annual Vermont Deer Hunting Rifle Season is upon us and as you will see posted on all parking area kiosks, Mobbs Farm will be closed to all Mountain Bike and Equestrian use from November 12-27th . As Mobbs prides itself as a true multi-use area, please be respectful of hunters and for the enhanced visibility of yourself and your pets, PLEASE WEAR BLAZE ORANGE when visiting Mobbs during this two- week period.

  • Tour of Mobbs Orchard

    Mobbs Committee Chair, Pete Davis, gives a tour of the new Orchard at Mobbs during the recent walk given to stakeholders and supporters of the Conservation Easement project.

  • Mobbs Newsletter - Summer 2022

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    The Mobbs Farm Committee Newsletter

    June / July / August, 2022

    The Mobbs Monthly Editorial Department apologizes for the lack of forthcoming newsletters for the past few months. Suffice to say, a motorcycle crash resulted in subsequent delays.

    The 2022 summer season at Mobbs Farm has been extraordinary. How you may ask? Simply take a walk into the meadow section of Mobbs and you will be amazed at the incredible, floral displays that characterize the property this month. HUGE Joe Pye weeds are in full flower as are Goldenrod and a multitude of other flowering species.

    Many of the flowers and grasses growing have reached heights over seven feet tall. If you take the time to look and listen, you will be amazed at the sounds and sights of various pollinators buzzing and humming about. Now, close your eyes and imagine: This winter, snow will cover the fields and those six-foot-plus plants will be just a memory. What an amazing place in which we live!

    .Beaver Dam on Mill Brook

    The old adage, “busy as a beaver” comes to mind as visitors stroll down to the banks of Mill Brook this summer. Beaver activity has been robust and there are at least 2 dams that our busy, resident, semi-aquatic rodents have built. Observing their activities and the results of their tree-cutting prowess, is a fun way to appreciate nature. Look for their “drag trails” that you’ll find, leading down to the brook. Their impact on the river habitat is incredible and a really fun way to gain appreciation for how hard these incredible critters work to establish their lodges and dams. The resulting ponds, located upstream from their dams are five-to-six feet deep in places! To learn more about beavers in Vermont, click on the link to take a deep dive: Learn More About Beavers

    Beavers aren’t the only busy critters at Mobbs Farm! With the amazing summer weather and resulting plant growth on the sides of our trails, members of the Mobbs Farm Committee (MFC) and Fellowship of the Wheel (FOTW) have been hard at work maintaining and in some cases, re-routing over-used trails. A great example of a recently completed FOTW re-route project may be found on the “Apple Tree Trail” located on the meadow side (west side of Fitzsimonds Road) of Mobbs Farm. There, you will see a really beautifully designed, curving, root-free trail section that was designed and constructed by our friends at FOTW.

    Before cutting

    After cutting

    At the end of June, the MFC rolled up their sleeves and made some big additions to the Orchard section of Mobbs Farm. In case you aren’t familiar with the Orchard, it is located just up the hill from Fitzsimonds Road, on the southern boundary of the property. 3 new trees: 1 “Reliance” Peach, 1 McInTosh Apple and 1 Empire Apple variety were planted along with 3 “Patriot” and 1 “Northern High Bush” Blueberry bushes. These trees and bushes join young, juvenile fruit trees including Plum, many apple varieties, Peach and Pear trees. Committee members watered the trees during the week-long heat waves we experienced in July, so… hopes are high and fingers crossed that all the new and old additions to the Orchard will not only survive, but thrive in their new locations. Special thanks to local business, Paquette Full of Posies Nursery for their special discounts, advice and support with the new plantings!


    supporting image

    Please join the Mobbs Farm Committee for our LATE SUMMER TRAIL MAINTENANCE DAY, Saturday, August 28th, 9:00 - Noon. We will be meeting at the Fitzsimonds Road Parking lot and form small groups before heading out to: Fix bridges, clear drainages, remove stones and get the trails ready for the busy fall foliage season.

    Please wear work clothes, boots, gloves and bring your mask for occasions when working in close proximity to others. If you have any favorite trail working tools, please bring them. Kindly carpool, if possible. Many thanks in advance to any volunteers who can pitch in to assist this Saturday morning!

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