Mobbs Newsletter - Summer 2022

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The Mobbs Farm Committee Newsletter

June / July / August, 2022

The Mobbs Monthly Editorial Department apologizes for the lack of forthcoming newsletters for the past few months. Suffice to say, a motorcycle crash resulted in subsequent delays.

The 2022 summer season at Mobbs Farm has been extraordinary. How you may ask? Simply take a walk into the meadow section of Mobbs and you will be amazed at the incredible, floral displays that characterize the property this month. HUGE Joe Pye weeds are in full flower as are Goldenrod and a multitude of other flowering species.

Many of the flowers and grasses growing have reached heights over seven feet tall. If you take the time to look and listen, you will be amazed at the sounds and sights of various pollinators buzzing and humming about. Now, close your eyes and imagine: This winter, snow will cover the fields and those six-foot-plus plants will be just a memory. What an amazing place in which we live!

.Beaver Dam on Mill Brook

The old adage, “busy as a beaver” comes to mind as visitors stroll down to the banks of Mill Brook this summer. Beaver activity has been robust and there are at least 2 dams that our busy, resident, semi-aquatic rodents have built. Observing their activities and the results of their tree-cutting prowess, is a fun way to appreciate nature. Look for their “drag trails” that you’ll find, leading down to the brook. Their impact on the river habitat is incredible and a really fun way to gain appreciation for how hard these incredible critters work to establish their lodges and dams. The resulting ponds, located upstream from their dams are five-to-six feet deep in places! To learn more about beavers in Vermont, click on the link to take a deep dive: Learn More About Beavers

Beavers aren’t the only busy critters at Mobbs Farm! With the amazing summer weather and resulting plant growth on the sides of our trails, members of the Mobbs Farm Committee (MFC) and Fellowship of the Wheel (FOTW) have been hard at work maintaining and in some cases, re-routing over-used trails. A great example of a recently completed FOTW re-route project may be found on the “Apple Tree Trail” located on the meadow side (west side of Fitzsimonds Road) of Mobbs Farm. There, you will see a really beautifully designed, curving, root-free trail section that was designed and constructed by our friends at FOTW.

Before cutting

After cutting

At the end of June, the MFC rolled up their sleeves and made some big additions to the Orchard section of Mobbs Farm. In case you aren’t familiar with the Orchard, it is located just up the hill from Fitzsimonds Road, on the southern boundary of the property. 3 new trees: 1 “Reliance” Peach, 1 McInTosh Apple and 1 Empire Apple variety were planted along with 3 “Patriot” and 1 “Northern High Bush” Blueberry bushes. These trees and bushes join young, juvenile fruit trees including Plum, many apple varieties, Peach and Pear trees. Committee members watered the trees during the week-long heat waves we experienced in July, so… hopes are high and fingers crossed that all the new and old additions to the Orchard will not only survive, but thrive in their new locations. Special thanks to local business, Paquette Full of Posies Nursery for their special discounts, advice and support with the new plantings!

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