Mobbs Updates - July 2023

Mobbs Farm Updates:

The trail work morning on Out and Back, July 9th, was very productive with new stone laid in place and the Old Stone Wall cleared of fallen trees.

Another targeted trail day is scheduled for Thursday evening, August 17th from 5:00 - 7:00 PM. If interested in volunteering, please meet at the Fitzsimonds Parking Lot. Carpooling is always appreciated!

The heavy rains that hit the Green Mountain State did not spare Mobbs Farm. The deluges created plenty of standing, pooled water puddles and eroded some steep banks. Please steer clear of the mud holes and sensitive areas. Also a good idea to plan ahead for the abundant mosquitoes that are benefitting from the pooled water. The bugs are out in force!

Blueberries and blackberries are ripe and ready for picking on the property. Best bet for blueberries is up on the hillside, New Orchard area of the property. 4 new blueberry bushes were planted at the end of June and are all bearing fruit.

An equestrian day took place, just before the heavy rains arrived. It was great to see a dozen or so horses and riders enjoying the trails at Mobbs Farm!

As always, if you are planning on riding your mountain bike at Mobbs Farm, please consider using the BROWNS TRACE parking lot, as it affords plenty of parking and riders may easily access both sides of Fitzsimonds Road from the BT parking lot. Thanks!

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