All About Bats presentation

Friday the 13th Bat Walk and Talk

Learn Why It’s GOOD LUCK To Have Bats Around

8pm, May 13th – meet at the Jericho Center Green

Join state small mammals biologist Alyssa Bennett from the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department as she teaches us about the bats in your backyard, barn, and bat house.

Take a walk around the Green and nearby quiet streets as the sun goes down and bat activity starts up around dusk to learn about what bats live in Jericho and how you can manage your home, yard, fields, and forests to support these voracious insect eaters while avoiding any unwanted conflicts.

Providing there is good weather (no heavy rain, strong winds, or temperatures below 45 degrees), we will also be able to listen for bat activity and identify species flying in the air around us using specialized microphones and sonogram software. Dress for a walk on easy terrain and bring a headlamp for this family-friendly event.

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