Do I need a Zoning Permit to build a porch, deck or patio?

    Yes, you do require a permit if you are constructing a new a porch or deck or adding a roof to your deck or porch.  If you are replacing an existing deck or porch without enlarging it or changing the location a permit is not required.  An at grade patio does not require a permit.

    Do I need a Zoning Permit to put up solar panels?

    If the solar panels are net metered (connected to the grid) the installation is exempt from local zoning.  If they are not net metered, you would need a permit.

    Do I need a Zoning Permit for a swimming pool?

    Yes.  A swimming pool is considered a structure and all structures require a Zoning Permit.

    Do I need a Zoning Permit for a fence?

    If your fence is fewer than 6 feet high it does not require a permit. However, the fence must not be on constructed on the property line so that both sides of the fence can be maintained on the fence owner's property.

    No fence may be places within or to interfere with a town right of way.
    A fence more than 6 feet high is subject Conditional Use review by the DRB.

    Do I need a zoning permit for a shed or chicken coop?

    Yes, unless your shed or coop is under 64 square feet and under 8 feet tall.

    Do I need a Zoning Permit for a home business?

    Yes. Depending on your location within town and the nature of your business, you may also be required to obtain Conditional Use approval from the DRB.  Contact the zoning administrator for more information.

    Is a Zoning Permit needed for remodeling the inside of my single family home?

    The Town Jericho does not require a Zoning Permit for interior improvements within a single family home.

    Are Certificate of Occupanies required?

    Only for the construction of a new residential home, accessory apartment, commercial building, or a change in use.  An completed and signed Energy Code Certificate must be recorded in the Land Records prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.  To learn more about the Certificate, visit the Vermont Public Service Department website: 

    When does a construction project require review by the Development Review Board (DRB)?

    Planned Unit Developments, Minor and Major Conventional Subdivisions, Conditional Uses, Variances, Site Plans, and Appeals are some types of development that require review by the DRB.  See our Application Forms and Fees page for specific application fees. To learn more about the DRB, visit the DRB's page.

    What are the fees associated with a Zoning Permit?

    The fees for a zoning permit vary depending on your project. Please see the Zoning Fee Schedule for information.

    Can a Letter of Compliance be issued verifying that there are no outstanding permits or violations on a house/property be issued?

    Although the issuance of a Letter of Compliance is common in some Vermont towns, the Town of Jericho does not partake in this practice.  You are welcome to visit our office and view a property file to see if there are any outstanding violations.

    Does Jericho approve septic plans?

    Septic system permitting is handled by the State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources. Jericho residents should contact the Essex Regional Office of the Wastewater Management Division (802-879-5656). 

    Jericho did issue septic permits prior to 2007.  Plans and permits may be available in a property file.