November 3, General Election Information

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Thank you Jericho for voting on Election Day!

Click on the image below to view Jericho's election results. See page 12 for the local Justice of the Peace Results

Jericho ballots were mailed out Friday September 25th to all active voters in Jericho. If you do not receive your ballot by October 1st please contact the Jericho Town Clerk.

The Vermont Secretary of State will be sending out early voter absentee ballots to all voters who were registered by September 1st. The address that is being used is the one that was on file in the Vermont Elections Management System on August 31. The ballot is not able to be forwarded (it will be returned to the Jericho Town Clerk if it is not deliverable as addressed) If a ballot arrives for someone in your family who is not at that address (ex. temporarily away at school) then contact the Jericho Town Clerk Office and we can arrange to mail it in a new envelope.

Early Ballot Counting began October 13, 2020 following the Secretary of State's Directive. The ballots are being processed through the vote tabulator by members of the Board of Civil Authority.

The schedule for early ballot processing is listed below. If you wish to observe, please call the Town Clerk's Office to make an appointment. As of October 16th 1129 ballots have been processed. As of October 22nd 2122 ballots have been processed. We will not know the results until the tabulator runs a printed report at the close of the polls at 7PM Tuesday November 3rd.

All early ballot processing is taking place at Jericho Town Hall, 67 Vermont Route 15 except for Monday evening November 2nd will be at MMU.

  • October 13th 9am Mary Jane Dickerson and Mike Weinberg
  • October 14th 9am Jim Gallagher, Janet Gallagher, Carol Smith and Mary Jane Dickerson, 1pm Mike Weinberg and Mary Jane Dickerson
  • October 15th 9am Carol Smith and Mary Jane Dickerson
  • October 16th 9am Carol Smith and Mike Weinberg (1129 tabulated so far)
  • October 19th 9am Mary Coburn and Tom Joslin 1pm Carol Smith and Bob Robbins
  • October 21st 9am Mary Coburn, Carol Smith, Jim and Janet Gallagher, 1pm Mary Coburn and Bob Robbins
  • October 22nd 6pm Kathleen Bassett Cramer, Tom Joslin
  • October 26th 9am Mary Jane Dickerson, Carol Smith and Tom Joslin, (need one more) 1pm Tom Joslin and Mary Coburn
  • October 28th 9am Mike Weinberg, Mary Coburn, Jim Gallagher (2250 tabulated so far)
  • October 29th 6 pm Kathleen Bassett Cramer and Peter Booth (2,670 tabulated so far)
  • November 2nd 9am 2 Mary Coburn and Mary Jane Dickerson
  • November 2nd 5pm at MMU Bob Robbins, Kathleen Bassett Cramer, Peter Booth, Tom Cheney and Tom Joslin

Here is a list of FAQ for the November 2020 election compiled by the Vermont Secretary of State's Election Division.

The ballots can be voted as soon as they are received. However, once you cast your ballot it cannot be returned to you. The Jericho Ballot is 2 sided so be sure to vote both sides. It is best to use black ink but do not use a sharpie marker that will bleed through to the other side. If you make a mistake marking your ballot, you can get a new one up to 3 times. (I have never had to replace a persons ballot more than once but it is comforting to know that there is room for mistakes.) If you think you have made a mistake, call or email the Town Clerk Office and we can make a plan to replace your ballot. You will need to provide the first ballot in order to receive a replacement ballot. If you need a new certificate envelope, there is a few on a clipboard outside the Town Hall door with a few on it (24/7).

The ballot will arrive with a postage paid returned envelope but you are not required to mail it back. If you wish, you may return it to the outside secure drop box at the base of the Town Hall steps. PLEASE be sure to sign the certificate envelope with your voted ballot inside. The outside drop box is available 24/7 and available through 7PM on Tuesday November 3rd for your ballot to count.

Click here for a November 3rd sample ballot for the Presidential Election. Please note there are two sides to the ballot.

Click here for the November 3rd Election Warning Notice

If you are returning the ballot by mail, you can use the postage paid return envelope addressed back to "Jericho Town Clerk, PO BOX 67, Jericho, VT 05465" or use your own envelope. The Vermont Secretary of State recommends mailing ballots by October 24th to assure delivery by November 3rd. We will check the mail on November 3rd. Thank you to Victoria, Cindy, Bob, Lisa and all the mail carriers at the Jericho Post Office for the amazing job they did for the August 11th election.

If you are returning the ballot by FED EX or UPS, the physical address is 67 VERMONT ROUTE 15

If you are returning the ballot on election day, you also have the option to return it at our polling place , Mt Mansfield Union High School, 211 Browns Trace. There will be an outside attendant at a drop box in front of the school from 7am to 7pm. The polls will also be open for in-person voting inside the school gym.

Election day voter registration is available at the polls on election day.

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