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Conservation News

The Mobbs Farm Committee is currently initiating the effort to permanently conserve Mobbs Farm.

  • A recent survey by the Mobbs Farm committee at the 2020 Jericho Town meeting (312 participants) determined the following:
  • 78% of the participants believed Mobbs was already conserved
  • 85% of the participants supported conservation of Mobbs
  • The proposed cost of a permanent conservation easement is approximately $43,000.   Funding for this effort would come from the following: 
  • $10,000 grant from the Jericho Underhill Land Trust
  • $10,000 grant from the Vermont Land Trust
  • $10,000 from the Jericho Conservation Reserve fund.
  • This leaves around $13,000 to be made up from public fundraising
  • The intent here is to eliminate any further tax burden on Jericho residents.
  • A non-binding article is being added to the Jericho Town meeting agenda to allow residents to vote on moving forward with the conservation effort, with the proposed wording (to be finalized by the Selectboard) as follows: 

“Should the Selectboard pursue the conveyance of a conservation easement (in perpetuity) over 234 +/-  acres of the total 275 +/- acre Mobbs Farm property (excluding the Town Garage and solar farm) to the Vermont Land Trust at an estimated expense of $43,000 +/-, using grants, gifts and previously raised funds, for the purpose of protecting its natural resources, wildlife habitat, trails, recreational and educational opportunities, productive farmland and forestland, and scenic value?"

  • The vote is "non-binding" because the Town has not yet finalized the details of the conservation easement with VLT, but a "yes" vote will offer the Selectboard the community's support to act on behalf of the Town and convey an easement.

  • Bumper stickers will be made available to support this effort.

  • Further details will be listed as a monthly update on this website.

  • Please see the “Conserving Mobbs FAQ” on the right sidebar for further information, “Leave a Comment” tab or leave a comment on this tab should you want to leave a comment for the Committee.  If you leave a question, you may not get a direct answer, but be assured that the Mobbs Committee is reading comments and questions and are considering them. 

  • The Committee will be hosting an online Q&A session using Zoom to provide further information on February 27 at 5:30pm.  Please tune in to ask your questions there.
  • link) 

     Meeting ID: 873 9432 6182
    Passcode: 626347

  • Tune into Front Porch Forum for more details about Mobbs and the conservation effort.
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